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Raising Funds?

Seeking investment can be vital to escalate your growth and yet the process is not without its pitfalls. As experienced finance professionals who have secured funds and investment many times before, we can help you circumvent them and raise the capital you need to fund your business’ future.
Whether you’re raising £25k to £4m+ as bank funding, or £150k to £15m+ equity investment, we’re here to support you in your goal.

Raising bank funding

Speed up and ease your fundraising
Knowing what banks are looking for gives you the best chance of presenting yourself in a way that will meet their funding criteria.

Whether you need a finance director to prepare the information your bank requests, or you need more in-depth support - including attending meetings as your FD -  we can help you secure the funds you need.

Raising investor funding

Access funding faster through clear investment proposition
When it comes to raising funds, communicating your value in investor terms is essential. We can support you to create a cohesive business plan with transparent and commercial growth ambitions.
Draw out quick commercial gains, value maximisers, identify growth enhancements and growth limitations - and reduce risks that lower business value.

With our guidance you’ll be able to demonstrate how the investors will see a significant return on investment.

Example of how we can help...

Stage 1      Financial Projections for Growth Investment c £150k up to £400k raise


Providing clarity on: 


1) Growth plan operationally and financially


2) Funding to raise and areas spent on 


3) An accelerated growth potential with an investment raise 


Quote est £2,600 *


* VC investors will require a more detailed commercial model forward and historical accounts.

Proudly Powering 

Inclusive Angels_Primary_logo.webp

Our mission to equalise the gender and racial inequality in funding.

We have created a network for founders and Angels alike to come together to equalise the investment landscape. 

From reflecting the diversity of society, to creating businesses to serve the needs of the planet, this network recognises all founders and achievements, giving them a platform to be invested into.


Let’s Work Together

Our team of experts are here to help. Drop us a line or book a quick 15 minute chat to discuss your needs by clicking below!

Newton’s Theory branding document (11).png

Empowering Success: The Newton Theory Approach

Newton Theory is not your average support system. Driven by ambition, yet firmly rooted in doing good, we embody a tough-love ethos that sets us apart. Our mission isn't just about making money; it's about supporting founders and nurturing their potential for success. Passionate about equality, we believe in breaking down traditional barriers and redefining the rules of engagement.

We recognise that traditional commercial financial support can be one-dimensional, leaving business leaders craving fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. That's why we offer a more inclusive, emotionally intelligent approach. We're here to both support and challenge leaders, pushing them to reach new heights and achieve their goals. At Newton Theory, we're not just advisors; we're partners on a journey toward meaningful and sustainable success.

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