From £25k to £3m bank funding, to £16m private equity investment 

for owners' staged exit. 


Speed up and ease your fundraising

Draw on the skills of a finance director who has successfully raised funds multiple times. 


Flexible support

Depending on the support level you require, we can either assist you, or fully prepare the information your bank requests.

We'll prepare for the bank meeting and Q&A.


For the meetings we can also attend as your FD.

The level of bank funding, £50k, £500k or £3m, your business sector and historical performance, are all factors in determining the  level of financial detail and business information that may be required by your bank. 

Typically each bank fundraise will involve the following:

  • A business plan with an overview of your business's purpose, revenue sources, target market and trends, the leadership team expertise and experience.

  • The funding requirements, how it will be spent, and what the funding will deliver.

  • The current financial performance, future profit and cashflow projections, balance sheet.

  • Other financial or business info, for instance revenue bookings and pipeline, and a brief overview of your wider team.​

Insights: 'Essentials of raising bank funding' a 5 min read



Access funding faster, via clear communication of the investment proposition

Create a cohesive business plan with transparent and commercial growth ambitions.

Communicate in investor terms, your business value, within the financials, business plan, and pitch deck. 

  • Exec summary

  • Market size, growth and trend

  • Product and services

  • Competitors

  • Business model

  • Leadership team

  • Key financial metrics

  • Investment opportunity


Bring clarity on funding requirements, what the funding will be used for, and the options on funding sources. 


Draw out quick commercial gains, value maximisers, identify growth enhancements and growth limitations. Reduce risks that lower business value.

Build out the growth proposition to funders, from planned growth to accelerated growth potentials.

Exit potential, identify exit routes, investors will need to see a route to realisation of their investment return.

Ensure your funders are in alignment with you, by drawing out your own motivations and plans, in preparation for these discussions with funders.

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Together, let's close it

Solutions on how to overcome, get round and be prepared for the extra fundraising challenges, female and minority founders undoubtedly face. 


We're also about connecting you onto investors who are already, or are considering, an inclusive investment approach. A 'founders and investors lean in and meet in the middle’ concept. 

Tools to steel yourself, be yourself & be prepared

Coaching 1-2-1 or founders workshops. Find out more.


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