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We believe women, people of colour & people from tough socio-economic backgrounds, deserve a levelling-up of the support and a levelling-up of the recognition of achievements. And that this will ultimately benefit us all. 

Many founders, investors and advisers believe the same.

Come join us at one of our open conversations.

Founders, investors, advisers and supporters, all welcome.

Taking the 'f word' out of Finance
7th July, 12.30pm 
an open conversation on Teams

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Amy, Newtons Theory

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Julia, Enter the Arena

What are your greatest financial challenges?
Managing cash flow, raising capital, forecasting ....

A year of so many ’what if’s’ ...  do I have enough cash to do what I want to do?

Drop in, meet other founders, ask any questions ... while we chat through:

✅ Why can we struggle with finance?

✅ Why financial forecasts are important - and how they’re for you, as much as for the investor

✅ How to build your financial forecast - and how to make this less scary!

✅ Working out how much investment you need

✅ Determining valuation - art and science

✅ Financial questions that investors ask

✅ How to find good finance support

Julia Elliott Brown has helped hundreds of female founders, with raises £150k to £6m. 
Enter The Arena empowers female founders to fly through pre-raise and investment, and on to the exponential growth of their business.
As female founders ourselves, we've walked the well-worn path from innovation, through raising investment to the soaring heights of scaling, and we really get how it feels to be riding the wave of early success. 
We know the investor arena can seem daunting, particularly for time-poor business owners trying to keep on top of operations while building investment readiness.
We believe passionately in levelling the playing field for female founders and empowering you to fly. It is our great privilege to walk beside our founders as you charge forward into your full potential.

To Join Us on the 7th July, email 




Independent:  By which we mean unbiased, candid, honest and objective. By being a little outside your business, we can ask the difficult questions and be a confidential ear.


Inclusive:  We’re interested in you as a person and believe in the diversity bonus, where innovative solutions come from open minds listening and discussing with equal participation.

Empathetic:  Listening, asking the difficult questions and putting ourselves in your shoes. We value low-ego, a sense of humour and the ability to stay calm in a crisis.

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Set future success in motion

Your turnaround, growth, investment, sale or acquisition is within reach

- together we’ll uncover the how.


Be in touch to learn more.

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