We break down barriers to build up businesses. 


Your first barrier falls once you allow in help – the kind that supports and challenges.


Other barriers soon follow. Like articulating the future you’re actually working towards, seeking opinions from more diverse sources, broadening commercial awareness and listening to ideas from unexpected sources.


Your decision-making abilities improve - you may well find that the answers you’re looking for may have been there all along.


You just need a trusted partner to help you see them. 


We put our theory into practice, using our impartiality, emotional intelligence and expertise to get to the heart of your commercial success.

And deliver – decisively.

We believe traditional commercial support is too one dimensional, leaving business leaders missing out on new approaches, thinking and ideas.


So we bring a more inclusive, emotionally intelligent approach to support and challenge leaders to help them to achieve their goals.

We’re the sounding board, unbiased advisers and commercial experts who help leaders move their business forward.

Meet the Team

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurial FD's and accountants, 
who understand the numbers and the strategic big picture in which they sit.
Amy Newton, consultant finance director

Amy Newton, consultant finance director

Amy founded Newtons Theory in 2017 to bring collaborative, compassionate and tough, change-focused expertise to more businesses. Over a 30-year span as a finance director and entrepreneur, Amy has driven commercial change to a positive outcome on many occasions. Spotting gaps and caring enough to raise problems, Amy supports a wide variety of directors and founders to navigate turnaround situations, rapid growth periods, PE investment and company sales.

Sarah Platt, consultant finance director

Sarah Platt, consultant finance director

Sarah is a finance director and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience across PLC, SME and startup environments. Having handled acquisitions and company sales, venture capital rounds and company sales, she is able to draw on crucial insight to help business founders make better and more confident decisions. Sarah is also co-founder of a successful creativity consultancy.

Allyson Morris, consultant finance director

Allyson Morris, consultant finance director

An expert in forecasting and financial restructuring, Allyson Morris is a chartered accountant who has held several senior finance and board positions. With over 20 years of experience, She has and continues to be instrumental in helping SMEs navigate change.

Clare Griffith

Clare Griffith

Consultant Bookkeeper

Rachel Lay

Rachel Lay

Consultant Management Accountant



Independent:  By which we mean unbiased, candid, honest and objective. By being a little outside your business, we can ask the difficult questions and be a confidential ear.


Inclusive:  We’re interested in you as a person and believe in the diversity bonus, where innovative solutions come from open minds listening and discussing with equal participation.

Empathetic:  Listening, asking the difficult questions and putting ourselves in your shoes. We value low-ego, a sense of humour and the ability to stay calm in a crisis.

Set future success in motion

Your turnaround, growth, investment, sale or acquisition is within reach

- together we’ll uncover the how.


Be in touch to learn more.

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