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No matter what you’re facing, we’ve got your back.

Together we can find the answers to start your business moving in the right direction.

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Cashflow or profit trouble-shooting

Build the resilient route forward
Together we can locate the source of the problem. We’ll dig beneath the surface to locate issues affecting the wider business - and figure out what needs to be done to turnaround your cash flow and profit.

Speed strategic problem solving

Gain insight so you can decisively plan for the future
Talk to an experienced and commercial finance director who understands what you’re going through. Find a way forward through a balance of challenging and thought-provoking questions and discussion.

Insightful business information

Gain understanding for your crucial decisions
Support your decision-making through our forward-planning management reporting. We’ll investigate what the current financials are telling us, what this means projected forward and deliver the analytics together with insightful commercial commentary. Collaboratively we’ll map operational and strategic options to move your business forward. 
These reports can also form the basis to help you secure fund-raising from investors and lenders.
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Modelling financial outcomes

Gain clarity to inform your complex decisions
When the future’s uncertain it’s hard to visualise all the options and outcomes. And yet decisions are critical at this time.
Our FD insight and modelling is helping clients project decision-focused options. Our models take into account multiple layers of unknowns and variables - the worst, good and best case scenarios. 
These models can then be used to secure a loan, set business recovery options in place, plan for a restructure or to understand the impact of mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic business planning

Give direction and purpose to your hard work
Creating a budget on a spreadsheet is relatively easy, making it happen takes real understanding of the business and the people who will deliver it. Telling people what to do doesn’t work, especially when you need them to move with change.
We can work with you on a business and a people level, considering what is practical and deliverable strategically, financially and operationally. ​Together we can remove barriers to growth, add cashflow resilience and find opportunities for recovery and back to growth.

Let's talk


Overcoming your challenges is in reach. 

Let’s discuss how you can set your business and your financial ambitions back on track.

Book a 15 min chat or arrange for a longer conversation via contact us.

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Siobhan McKeating, Brissi
"I had the pleasure of working with Amy on a detailed analysis of our retail business. We were going through a difficult restructuring and needed senior financial support.

Amy was absolutely wonderful to work with. She had a genuine interest in the business and indeed its survival. I believe the fact that she cares so much makes working with her so rewarding. It is essential in operating any business to have a clear understanding of the numbers and Amy is dedicated to providing that clarity.

She is rigorous in her analysis and compassionate and enthusiastic in her advice. I would highly recommend Amy as a financial partner, her work provided immeasurable benefit to our business."
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