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You've built your business. You've served it well and it's served you. If you’ve decided that it’s time for the next step, we can help. As finance directors who have prepared for many exits before, we understand how to maximise value.

Realise the true value of your business

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Our goal is to help you maximise the investor options open to you
To support your objective in selecting the right investment partner. That includes communicating the investment proposition - the strengths and opportunity that your business offers an investor
- in a clear and concise growth story. 
Our process digs deep with the leadership team, with their financials and their business plan. We encourage the leadership team, to think of their business from an external and investor perspective, and take an investors perspective on challenging their business.

Adding speed to your exit process

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We speed up the process by working with you before your corporate finance team comes in. By digging deep with your leadership team, financials and business plan, you’ll be better placed to deliver what they are looking for.

How we can support your exit plans

Our clients experience

With Connect Assist we supported the articulation of their business value strengths 
Connect Assist knew their ethical values were core to their business. We listened, asked questions and listened. Sometimes drawing out 'golden words and phrases', that beautifully articulated in their words, the valuable strengths of Connect Assist for their potential new owners. Articulating what Connect Assist does differently, from their top-level strategy to their operational delivery, that created value for their customers, their teams, their profitability and of course for their exit value. 

We worked with Connect Assist's management team over a number of months, on their business value proposition and financials, and preparation for Management Due Diligence. 
Working with us
How in depth we work with you can depend on your needs, your available time and your budget. We offer three project levels as options and are happy to be flexible around your needs.
High-level view
A high-level review of your summary business plan / pitch deck and your summary financials.
This is followed by a session with you, with focused questions to clarify our understanding, and targeted recommendations on areas to clarify or strengthen in the plan.
Where appropriate, we’ll cover potential areas of opportunity and risk.

High-level review         £3,400

In-depth project


Spread over 6-8 weeks, an in-depth project brings significant added value to the EBITDA multiple or pre-money business valuation.


Using business planning workshops and weekly meetings, we progressively build the business plan / IM structure, mapping out key actions to be delivered by your leadership team, all to add business value in your investment exit process.

In-depth project     £8,500 - £12,750

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Lets talk

If an exit is on the horizon and you’d like support to ensure that you maximise the value of your business, let’s talk about your options.

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