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If you’re looking at an acquisition or merger opportunity, you’ll know how much there is to think about - the questions that need to be asked and decisions that need to be made.
With experience on both sides of the M&A table, we can help you look beneath the surface to maximise the benefits of your new deal and weed out potential issues before they become problems.

Assessing the acquisition company

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Gain in in-depth analysis of this business opportunity 
Numbers tell a story and we’ve spent years reading them. By integrating our experience with your business expertise, we can go beyond the balance sheet and consider all the strategic, operational and commercial angles. We’ll bring a fresh, outside perspective to supplement what you already know and help you make crucial decisions decisively.

Financial projections of the combined business

Plan for the future you’re about to create 
Using financial modelling, we can create a model of what your combined business revenue, profit and cashflow will look like post-acquisition, calculating cost savings and the impact on your wider business. You’ll be able to course-correct where necessary and make the most of current windows of opportunity.
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Financial due diligence

Gain insight to move forward with more confidence
As your finance director we can perform Financial Due Diligence of the acquisition company, either light touch or thorough, enabling you to more accurately weigh how much the business is worth to you.
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Let's talk


For more clarity on your merger or acquisition.

Book a 15 min chat or arrange for a longer conversation via contact us.

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