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When you know being inclusive is

the right thing to do

Start with your why

Start with your why


What are your drivers and benefits for being inclusive

Knowing your why for inclusion, influences what your inclusive actions are.


It's the starting point, that determines your route map.

Helping inform your discussions

Research can show us what’s happening, other research can show us the solutions. We connect the two, translate the relevancy, into quick to read formats, so you can access the dispersed and vast inclusion info, with minimal draw on your time.


Facts, research, evidence-based solutions, or others experiences. 

Asking thought provoking questions

We ask questions to help direct and provoke discussion, to identify your why.

Q  Why do you want to be more inclusive?

Q  How can being more inclusive, help deliver your overall investment agenda?
Q  Is recruiting a current challenge you are facing? Would diversifying both sides of the table, attract more women to work in investment? 

Q  What social change influences are impacting the investment environment?

Q  What is the process in the critical 'can we work together' decision stage?

Find your route

Then how

When you know your why, and want to know your how

Considering where you are now, your teams time, resources and motivations, we offer bite size steps on how to be inclusive.


Either delivered for you by us, or by giving you the know-how. 

When you want to know how
More steps

For every firm there's an individual route. Here's one.

Take a walk through our route map and online resources.

Or can I help?
Founders coaching within a transaction

Coach founders

See a clear view on the potential

No-one wants to miss out on the next big deal, by mistaking the potential


Where you consider the potential is less clear, it may be down to gender differences.

We coach the founders to speak your language, to fully convey their

leadership capabilities, and their business growth aspirations.

(whether we're actually different underneath, I don't believe we are, though we do experience a difference in cultural expectations that may influence our behaviours and language)

See the potential
For investors & advisors with a pipeline

Do you come across businesses who are not quite ready for funding, or your timing fits a later timescale, yet you want to keep in touch and see them develop? 


Develop & keep your pipeline 

By sending them our way, we'll work with the business owners and keep in touch with you, for when they are ready and/or your timing is right. 

Even the strongest of women can succumb to stereotype expectations when stepping into a male dominated environment.


We offer tools for founders to keep their steel, be themselves and lean in.  

Language differences and the interpretation of meaning can differ, we teach founders to speak your language (and vice versa). 

Entrepreneurial characteristics are displayed in many differing guises. 

We encourage founders to tell their story, to portray the characteristics you're looking for, and be upfront with other characteristics they have found are significant for growing their business. 

Develop & keep your pipeline

Working together


Consultancy tailored to your needs & time

🧩  One-off, or ad-hoc, half day sessions

Where you are now, options and next steps going forward.         

300 a half day


🧩  Step by Step

Discussions, action suggestions and guidance on how.

Monthly meetings or Skype calls, plus bespoke online guidance to each monthly step.

Over 3-6 months or ongoing                 1,000 a month

🧩   Inclusion Projects

From nudges to innovation.

Let's have a chat about what you want to achieve.

🧩   Founder Coaching

Get ready for investment.

Post investment growth.

2 days a month                                        1,200 a month

4 days a month                                        2,400 a month

Let's chat
Tell me about you ...

Thanks for getting in touch, I'll respond within a day

Would you like to meet for a coffee, or have a chat over the phone or Skype?

lets chat

PR on being inclusive

Founders, or their advisors, may research which investors will be more receptive to their approach.


PR on being more inclusive can pay off in drawing more founders to you. 

See more founders
We'd love to hear that you're interested in being inclusive,
we'll help spread the word amongst founders.
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Accountant, entrepreneur, reformer, connector, problem solver

20 years experience in venture and private equity environments as a finance director and entrepreneur. With a specialism in growth, fund-raising and exits, people behaviours and dynamics in change environments. A passion for equality and inclusion. more

Amy Newton, ACMA 
Bringing ways investors and founders can bridge the investment gap, to the benefit of both.
Investors, founders, advisors, collectively, small steps, big changes.
We're about commercial inclusive thinking, integrated into business as usual.
Inclusive thinking for smarter investments
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