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Women in the Workplace

McKinsey, Lean In, 2018

While we move on social change, it's useful to have a picture on where we are now, 12 min video or stats in brief below:

Old school excuses long gone

👥 Women and men are at the same rate

- plan to leave their organisation, 15%

- negotiate raises

First manager level promotion 2/3 men

👩‍🎓 more women graduates for last 30 yrs

Access matters

>50% women of colour never had an informal interaction with manager


2x mistaken for someone more junior

2x provide more evidence of competence

2x unprofessional comments

9/10 in restaurant and construction, sexually harassed

1 in 5 only women in room, 50% harassed 

Perception of 1 in 10 

50% men, 25% women, think women well represented if 1 out of 10 senior leaders are women

Global stats

24% of parliamentary seats

13 of 195 country leades

2% VC investment $

4% directors of top movies

15% scientific prizes

80% teachers, 25% senior

20% gender pay gap, 202 yrs to close

1/2 bn lack nutrition

15m no school

49 countries no law on domestic violence

18 countries, husbands can prevent wives work

'All rooted in a fundamental belief, that for some reason, women and girls are not equal to men and boys.'

Good news

US 102 house seats, 14 senate seats, 4 women runners for president 2020

California, women on boards law

Iceland, leads on gender pay gap

El Salvador, violence at work law

Saudi Arabia, women can drive

Ireland, anti-abortion law over turned

P&G pledged 50% ads directed by women

Disney pledged 40% movies directed by women

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