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🎥 A powerful message by the girl at the end ... recognising the impact of misrepresentation.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

😳 Some shocking statistics in the middle ... realising the ways our minds have been mis-fed over the years.

Overall positive message for our future.

🤯 What we're feeding our minds with matters for us as adults, as well as children.

Feeding our minds with diversity, makes us more likely to invest diversely.

⚖️ The achievements of women and people of colour have been written out of history (statistically), giving the impression of less achievements and (perhaps) an assumption of being less capable of achievements. An untrue representation.

When we say we're supporting women and building the pipeline, it can sound as if a) women are being supported more than men and b) because they need more support. I believe this stems from a mis-representation (and therefore misperception) of women's achievements to date. This does women a massive disservice and creates a gender division.

🌬 Women don't need support that's seen as a 'lift-up', we need a levelling-up of the support and a levelling-up of the recognition of achievements. Many white-male founders may not realise the tail-wind they have, that's understandable, it feels normal, perhaps unseeing the lift-up warm introductions, the lift-up assumptions made about their experience. But women certainly feel their head-wind. Our efforts of supporting women now, haven't yet made the winds equal.

As Michael Kimmel puts it "men have had the greatest positive discrimination in the history of the world ... it's called the history of the world" 😂

For our best decisions, it's worth understanding how our minds have been, and are still being, mis-fed an under-representation of achievements and a misrepresentation of capability.

🌎 Read more widely and see our world as it really is.

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