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How we arrive at a mismatch of perception versus reality.

Social construction of gender roles and position in society.

Through films, children books, online search results.

A simple example of misperception v reality, one you can test yourself.

How awareness of social misperceptions is of importance to investors ... see and invest in the reality, 38% of founders are female.


A quick UK Google search on the job 'Founder' shows 5% female images, a misperception of female founders as less the 'norm' and more 'risky'.

These social constructions create a mental image of women as less significant in your mind's picture of the world.

Leading to under-estimation of female founders.

An under-estimation the market women represent, as smaller or niche, and so under-investing in the businesses serving the female market.

A significant investment misperception. 

Women are 50% of the population.

A significant market by any standards. 

The 'niche market' misperception led to nVision, with a recent $275m exit, being originally dismissed by investors as 'a women's issue'.

Online job images

A distorted picture of reality is created.

We see female founders as less the 'norm' and so more risky.

Instead see and invest in the reality, 

38% of founders are female.

'How men and women appear in online job searches'

Google (US)  search image results show 60% men, 40% women, (reality over all jobs held are 54% men and 46% women)

and show images of men higher up the page. 

Google search:    CEO

                               first 15 images male,

                              10% images were female


Reality:                 28% CEO's women

Google search:    General Manager 

                              15% images were female

Reality:                 34% CEO's women

Founder and Entrepreneur were not on the dataset list for this research,

so I did a quick Google (UK) search:

Google search:    Founder 

                               first 17 images male,

                               5% images were female


Reality:                 +37% Founders women

Google search:    Entrepreneur  

                               of the first 40 images, two were female, the 3rd and 39th

                               23% images were female


Reality:                 +37% Entrepreneurs women

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