the business case

Reflect customers and future talent.

the business case

The diversity bonus.


From a hilarious TED talk by Michael Kimmel, to how diversity produces higher innovation revenue by Rocio Lorenzo's, partner and MD at BCG.


Questions to ask yourself, do you do this? Maybe you do without noticing before now. With easy switches to make, that'll have big impacts on how you see an investees potential.


Some of the most relevant articles.

investment statistics

Investment statistics, insights into the 'why' and practical solutions.

unconscious bias

The science bit, insight into what we may not realise we're doing, and why it feels so intuitively right.

the future leader

The future of outward focused, customer centric, purpose driven, leadership. Why this leadership is the future. 


Questions to ask yourself too, do you do this? Lean In (as Sheryl Sandberg says), whilst we change the ecosystem (as Sharon Vosmek of Astia says).

reference list

Relevant reports with a brief summary of the insight.


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