Realise the true value of your business

Communicate your business's full value to faster access trade buyers or PE investment, though a cohesive business plan with a clear value proposition and growth ambition.


From your established business

You've built your business, you've served it well, it's served you well.


Wondering what are your options now, for you and your business?


Are you thinking, how do you plan for your exit?


Do you want to know what options are available to you to maximise your return, and safeguard the future for your business?


Investment accelerated growth exit

Investors who fund your accelerated growth, will be looking ahead to their exit, from the first time they see your business.


With their investment on board, you too, will have aligned to the exit potential. 


To maximise options & value outcome

To maximise options and value outcome, it can be useful to start thinking of your exit 3-5 years ahead.


An exit can take 1-2 years to prepare for and fully execute. Afterwards, you may have a handover/earnout period of 1-2 years, in a transfer of leadership and knowledge. 

As a finance director I've been through preparing for an exit a number of times, and can support you to consider your options, plan ahead to maximise value, and execute your decided exit strategy.


Exit execution will require trusted advisors, we can tap you into known and experienced lawyers, corporate finance accountants, and investors, who in turn add to the breadth of your exit options and value outcome.

Flexible approach, tailored to where you are in planning, from  early on considering possibilities, to a definite exit plan.


Find out more, from a exploratory discussion on your options, through on-going exit strategy and preparation, right through to execution.

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PE enabled exit

Private equity can enable you to part realise value from your business now, grow the business further and realise more from your business with a final exit.


A concise illustrative intro to PE in a 3 min video. 


By RSM UK and Robert Donaldson.


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