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Come join us in supporting our great clients.


We're happy for you to work flexibly, working remotely, from 4 days a month to 10+ days a month. 

We're seeking finance directors who can cover these areas, one or all three:

    -    financial projections / budgets

    -    operational FD (management accounts oversight, financial oversight, year end)

    -    strategic (growth, fundraising, exit focused)

Our core values and ways of delivering value for our clients, are by bringing a more inclusive, emotionally intelligent approach to support and challenge leaders to help them to achieve their goals.

We’ll support you to develop your career in the way you want, as this changes over time.

If you've been working (harder) at home bringing up the next generation, we value all your expertise and we want to hear from you. If you've experienced the motherhood penalty that is so common and not fair, we’d like to change that experience for you.

Flexible role:

We’re very happy to give everyone the flexibility that real life needs. Very happy for you to set your days and hours, to change these weekly and to let clients know a number of core hours when you’ll be available. Happy for times to change too, as things come up and for you not to have to apologise for this.


Remote working

We all work flexibly from home, even before lockdown. We're supportive and in touch with each other.

Contractor or employee

We're happy for you to be an employee on our payroll or a contractor.  

UK Based

Must be UK based for UK accounting standards and the occasional client visit. 

To be in touch:

Please email Amy on with a CV or your LinkedIn profile. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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