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"start with a diverse slate of candidates" CEO Marc Lore

Objective pitch Q&A

Promotion v Prevention Framed Questions

Ask questions in both the promotion and prevention frame, or after the founders have responded to your prevention framed question ask them to flip their answer and respond to the same question with a potential growth or where opportunity lies answer

Broaden your relatability

Get to know the person and their background

Mentor out of your comfort zone

Another bias we suffer from is implicit egotism or the tendency to gravitate towards people who resemble us. It can initially feel awkward to mentor people with different backgrounds and who come from different cultures. But, ultimately, it can lead to a richer experience on both sides as perceptions are altered by learning about each other. Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.  

Yuval Atsom

'Accept the inevitability of your unconscious bias'

Yuval Atsom

When people feel that they are objective, rational actors, they act on their group-based biases more rather than less.

Feeling objective appears to makes people more likely to act on their stereotypic biases.


Indeed, from the actor’s perspective, it may seem rational to act on stereotypic thoughts that, though they may arise from incidental environmental cues, subjectively feel like objective reflections of reality (see also Pronin & Kugler, 2007).

Unconscious bias


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