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We're about commercial inclusive thinking,

integrated into business as usual

Investor fundraises are at an all-time record high,

escalating competition for investable businesses

Inclusive thinking offers a solution

De-risk Portfolio diversity next on the agenda for institutional investors.
Performance upside  Evidence of performance upside of businesses, investment return, fund return.
Significant untapped opportunity  In the UK, 47% of SMEs are led by female or mixed teams, with < 11% £ investment.

'Companies in the top-quartile for

gender diversity on executive teams

were 21% more likely to outperform on  profitability'

Easy tricks ... Diversify where you network

Behavioural science & research offers

insights that improve our intuition,

at the critical early stage of founder evaluation

The pitch Q&A

"Investors may unwittingly offer female entrepreneurs fewer opportunities to present themselves in the same beneficial manner as their male counterparts, by framing questions differently, investors elicit less favourable responses from female than male entrepreneurs." Dana Kanze


Founders, can learn how to identify prevention and promotion style questions, and switch responses to focus on promotion (growth) orientated answers. Founders who switched responses gained 9x more funding. 

More steps

For every firm there's an individual route. Here's one.

Take a walk through our route map and online resources.

Or can I help?

Knowing your why for inclusion, influences what your inclusive actions are.

It's the starting point, that determines your route map.

Considering where you are now, your teams time, resources and motivations, we provide bite size steps on how to be inclusive. Either delivered for you by us, or by giving you the know-how. 

Clear View on Potential. No-one wants to miss out on the next big deal, by mistaking the potential. Where you consider the potential is less clear, it may be down to gender differences. We coach the founders to speak your language, to fully convey their leadership capabilities, and their business growth aspirations.


Develop & Keep Your Pipeline. Do you come across businesses who are not quite ready for funding, or your timing fits a later timescale, yet you want to keep in touch and see them develop? 


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