Growing your business

Cashflow or profit, not reflecting your expectations?

When cashflow or profits are not meeting expectations, I can carry out a business health check to look at why, and what needs to be done. We check through the financials, look at the business, and listen to you. Together we will understand the problem, and discuss the best plan forward.

A commercial drive behind your idea

Start-up, scale-up, small business, how to get to the next level and commercialise your idea. Focused on building your business, and have the talent within your team who can build your product or service? Add a commercial focus through a part-time commercial finance director. 

A sounding board, asking thought-provoking questions

The right balance of challenging and thought provoking questions, seeding ideas, and discussing, with an experienced and commercial finance director, speeds strategic problem solving. Time for you to think about the future of the business, and your personal motivations for the future (when you are leading the business, these are key). The business direction, the opportunities, growth barriers, overall purpose, your people, and the practical steps to take.

A finance team for your business needs

By mentoring a key member in your finance team, you're raising the experience level of your whole team. Mentoring maximises the development, and contribution, your finance team makes to you and your business. Guidance on finance teams structure as you grow. Recommendations of trusted external support providers.

Your part-time finance director

Encompassing all of the above, with a monthly or quarterly interpretation of your management results. Giving you financial management, controls and insights for your commercial direction.

Raising funds

Enable banks, and investors, to visualise the true value of your business. 


You know your business inside and out, you know it's value. Access funding faster by communicating the value, through a cohesive business plan with clear growth ambitions.


Support in preparation of the financials, business plan, and pitch deck. Funding requirements and options. Building the growth proposition to funders, from planned growth to accelerated growth potentials.


Drawing out quick commercial gains, savings or risks, growth enhancements and limitators. 


Preparation on raising funds for you as business directors and owners, your motivations and personal plans, ensuring your funders are in alignment with you.

Tools to steel yourself, be yourself & be prepared


Solutions on how to overcome, get round and be prepared for the extra fundraising challenges, female and minority founders undoubtedly face. 


We're also about connecting you onto investors who are already, or are considering, an inclusive investment approach. A 'founders and investors lean in and meet in the middle’ concept. 

Coaching 1-2-1 or founders workshops, find out more

Planning an exit

You've built your business, you've served it well, it's served you well. Wondering what are your options now, for you and your business?


Are you thinking, how do you plan for your exit? Do you want to know what options are available to you to maximise your return, and safeguard the future for your business?


An exit can take 1-2 years to execute, you may have a handover period of 1-2 years afterwards, so it can be useful to start thinking of your exit 3-5 years ahead. 

As a finance director I've been through this process a number of times, and can support you to consider your options, prepare ahead, and execute your decided exit strategy. Exit execution will require trusted advisors, we can tap you into known and experienced lawyers, corporate finance accountants, and investors, who in turn broaden the scope of your options.

From a one-off exploratory session on your options, through on-going exit strategy and preparation, to execution.

Working together

As a consultant , I can offer support that is tailored to your needs


🧩  One-off, or ad-hoc, half day sessions


🧩  Monthly meetings or Skype calls, over 3-6 months or ongoing 


🧩  Your commercial finance director, part-time support tailored to the needs of your business, from 1 day a month to 1 day a week


🧩  Fundraising or exit projects, focused over a number of months, or measured support 1-2 yrs ahead to maximise options and return

Rates from 250 a half day.

Female led start-ups, we may be able to offer pro-bono time, feel free to email to enquire.

Call or email to arrange an informal chat, here to help.

Finance as an enabler, for the vision and purpose of an organisation and its people.

Considering each stakeholders perspective, to see where motivations align to the benefit of everyone.

Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. 

It's you who can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai 

Accountant, entrepreneur, reformer,
heart of a hippy, connector, problem solver
20 years experience in venture and private equity environments as a finance director and entrepreneur, with a specialism in equality and inclusion, 
people behaviours and dynamics in change environments. 
Amy Newton 
director & consultant
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