The diversity bonus

Diverse and female led businesses

statistically provide the highest returns.

When we understand the reasons why, 

we are be able to harness the qualities to bring the greatest impact.

When we are skilled at seeing the qualities, 

we are able to invest and profit from these teams.

*BCG & MassChallenge 2018

Open investment opportunities

A few investors are taking notice, are you?

The investment gap of 27% of diverse led SMEs and 20% female led,

with 12% and 2% of investment dollars, 

presents an untapped opportunity.

When private equity fundraises are at all time record high,

with 2018 expected to reach $750bn, 50% up on the peak of 2008,

the 45% of male led SMEs with 84% of investment dollars, 

presents a crowded market.

“If you’re looking for the next big thing, and you’re looking where everyone else is looking, then you’re looking in the wrong place”  Mark Cuban

Diverse and female led businesses statistically provide the highest investment returns.* 

*BCG & MassChallenge 2018

the smartest teams 

were distinguished by three characteristics …

equal individual participation

and primarily …

 the number of women

social perceptiveness

(face-to-face and online)

Carnegie Mellon & MIT Research


The impacts are, unwittingly we, attract less diverse and female founders to investor firms, narrow our network, penalise female founders, inflate male founders potential, invest in attractive males over less attractive, miss the entrepreneur of colour, place lower value on feminine entrepreneurial traits in both men and women.
Ultimately we narrow the pool of potential investment businesses.


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