Cashflow gives you a different perspective on the business beyond the day to day. It often feels like an accountants answer to everything is cashflow cashflow. Approached the right way it can enlighten a business to how it can survive, where its real costs are and provide a light at the end of a tunnel. Click to read more



The landscape of borrowing is changing with COVID-19, support from a range new support and sources. Use the right borrowing and it will fuel your business. Click to read more

A New Now & Recovery

A New Now & Recovery

Businesses that take the time to think, discuss, research and innovate, will create opportunities. Use the power of your business - your employees, to explore, create new ideas and new markets of the future. Now more than ever, you as a business leader will need to manage change, steer the business, constantly measure, promote innovations and empower your teams. Click to read more

Lean on us

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the smartest teams 

were distinguished by three characteristics …

equal individual participation

and primarily …

 the number of women

social perceptiveness

(face-to-face and online)

Carnegie Mellon & MIT Research