Cashflow gives you a different perspective on the business beyond the day to day. It often feels like an accountants answer to everything is cashflow cashflow. Approached the right way it can enlighten a business to how it can survive, where its real costs are and provide a light at the end of a tunnel. Click to read more



The landscape of borrowing is changing with COVID-19, support from a range new support and sources. Use the right borrowing and it will fuel your business. Click to read more

A New Now & Recovery

A New Now & Recovery

Businesses that take the time to think, discuss, research and innovate, will create opportunities. Use the power of your business - your employees, to explore, create new ideas and new markets of the future. Now more than ever, you as a business leader will need to manage change, steer the business, constantly measure, promote innovations and empower your teams. Click to read more

Lean on us

Supporting you getting commercially savvy about your business

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Acting as your finance director

Acting as your finance director

Bring us on board for a regular number of days each month. We’ll share the financial oversight and strategic responsibility with your leadership team, providing projections, analysis and asking the right questions to help you commercially drive your business. From £650 to £900 / day depending on FD to CFO level.

Acting as your finance team

Acting as your finance team

Whether you’re scaling up or an established SME, we can provide you with all the finance functions you might need, from bookkeeping and management accounting through to finance director and CFO or Non-exec Director. The first step is to meet and listen, to understand your key priorities and challenges. Together we'll map out the right team for your needs. From £350 to £500 / day for management accounting. From £650 to £900 / day for FD to CFO level.

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Recovery or M&A

Gain clarity to inform your complex decisions
When the future’s uncertain it’s hard to visualise all the options and outcomes. And yet decisions are critical at this time.
These models can then be used to secure a loan, set business recovery options in place, plan for a restructure or to understand the impact of mergers and acquisitions.

the smartest teams 

were distinguished by three characteristics …

equal individual participation

and primarily …

 the number of women

social perceptiveness

(face-to-face and online)

Carnegie Mellon & MIT Research


We're looking to expand our team with a finance business partner, who can directly support our FD's in developing financial projections and ad-hoc management accounting or analysis. 

Immediate start or within 3 months.

£40-45k salary, full-time (35 hours) or pro-rata 3-4 days a week. 25 days holiday.

Employed and permanent role. 

Our core values and ways of delivering value for our clients, are by bringing a more inclusive, emotionally intelligent approach to support and challenge leaders to help them to achieve their goals. To us, inclusion is an essential must have.


We're happy for you to work flexibly, working remotely, your hours. 


We all work from home, even before lockdown. We're supportive and in touch with each other.

Please be UK based, for UK accounting standards and client visits. 


Variety of role:

The role work directly for me (Amy) and supports our other CFOs/FDs/Coaches.

In supporting our FD's across our long standing clients, there's depth of variety, learning and experience. And we're aware, this will take a certain amount of personal managing of workload and transition time (both for your brain and you). 

a) Financial projections

 - for the businesses that are raising £150k - £250k, you can develop these yourself, with a little support from us

 - for raises over £500k, an FD will orchestrate the projections with you

b) Management accounting