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Amy Newton, ACMA 
finance director consultant
20+ years experience in SME, turnaround and private equity environments as a finance director and entrepreneur. With a specialism in growth, fund-raising and exits, people behaviours and dynamics in change environments.
A passion for equality and inclusion. 

£500k bank raise, budget and cashflow projections for short-term loan.

Pitch deck & business plan, wrote business plan and 'Information Memorandum' (pitch deck) aimed at £10m investment raise.

Consultant Finance Director,

Valyrian Group

Portfolio of technology companies serving the contingent workforce marketplace.

Advocate for inclusion of entrepreneurs & investment

'Women entrepreneurs are invested in with 2% of global investment dollars'

I was so stunned by how low the figure was, I started Googling the topic. I found myself reading every article, listening to every podcast, reading 28 page research reports, for fun ... I wanted to do something about it.


First I needed to understand what was happening, how it happens, and what we can do about it. I spent 6 months, full time, (unpaid), researching and building this resource.

I discovered

It happens unintentionally

By understanding this is a product of historical culture, we can move forward, without blame.

People have a natural need to do the right thing

Denial, not wanting to stand out, peer or hierarchical pressure, not knowing where to start, are all factors that hold people back. 

Why someone who's not an investor?

'What do you know about investing?'
- an understandable question.

The answer?  Diverse perspectives. Overcome group think.

First and foremost I'm a commercial finance director, I speak your language.

And I'm mad enough to read 28 page reports.

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Set future success in motion

Your turnaround, growth, investment, sale or acquisition is within reach

- together we’ll uncover the how.


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