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Amy Newton

Bristol, South West, London

20 years experience in SME growth, turnaround and private equity environments, as a finance director and entrepreneur. With a specialism in rapid growth, fund-raising and exits, people behaviours and dynamics in change environments.


Accountant, entrepreneur, reformer, connector, and problem solver.


A passion for equality and inclusion. 

 “Amy is a dynamic leader with the drive for results through empowering and developing people around her while projecting fairness and integrity. She is a true reformer and is not afraid to challenge the established processes to improve efficiency. She works with people at all levels to get their buy-in and does not crumble when facing resistance. She always keeps her logical hat on and stays focused which sometimes makes you wonder how this is possible. Her ability to juggle multiple projects at the same time is incredible.”



Founder, Newton’s Theory

Sep 17 – present

👤 Consultant Finance Director for Start-ups, Scale-ups & SMEs

Practical, hands-on commercial support, for growth, raising funds or planning an exit. 

Commercial Sounding Board - Board Info & Insights - Financial Projections - Business Plans - Profit & Cashflow Troubleshooting

Providing on-going or project based support, for clients such as: Real Wrap Co, Stephenson Law, Curious Universe, Brissi, Valyrian Group, Pobi, KETs and Tumelo.

👤 The Funding Gap & Inclusion

As my part in bridging the funding gap, I mentor female founders, and share the data on the subtle ways the gap occurs and can be closed.

Key insights brought together ∙ Relevancy and connections made for you ∙

Highlights of detailed research



Finance Director, AMI

Jan 14 – Jul 17

£8m turnover, 80+ people, events and consultancy in Europe, US & Asia


🌿 In first 18 months, achieved successful exit for owners, to Alcuin PE partners. 

🌿 Created an operational managerial tier, that freed directors to lead on strategically.

🌿 EBITDA focus, +100% from £1.1m to £2.2m, with revenue growth of £3m.

🌿 Sounding board and business partnering, with directors and across the organisation.

🌿 Brought in budgets, MI, and commercial business analysis.

🌿 Recruited Finance, IT and HR managers, coaching and leading a team of 14.

🌿 Instigated a 3-year £400k growth enabler IT project, across financial, CRM and web platforms.

🌿 Refinanced £3m (of £14m total) PE loan to bank funding, saving £400k+ interest. 

🌿 Tax optimization savings of $300k+ US tax and £200k+ UK tax.



Founder, MOTI

Feb 07 – Feb 13

£1m+ turnover, 25+ people, run & tri sports retail, Bristol, Cardiff & Reading


🌿 Saw a market gap. Meet the needs of everyday runners, through the Apple store of running. 

🌿 Created community and brand. Welcoming, involving, supportive. First to offer, Apple-style info bases, free gait assessment, coached runs, therapy rooms and extended open hours.

🌿 Challenged anti-competitive product supply. 6-months of negotiation, Mizuno came on board. One year later, Nike approached us.

🌿 Foresaw the 2010 contraction in consumer spend. Ahead of competitors, brought in value and quality led brands, on shorter 6-week season, for a continually fresh offer to customers.

🌿 In 2013 I sold the business (via liquidation). The Moti brand continues to expand, currently standing at 6 stores.



Finance Director, Harrison Cowley

Jul 05 – Jan 07

£7m turnover award-winning PR agency, 8 UK offices, Huntsworth Plc brand


🌿 Turnaround of loss position (£540k loss) to profitability (£460k) within 18 months.

🌿 Integration of two acquisitions.

 “Amy .. not only embraced an environment where the client is always the primary consideration, she helped us develop a culture that blended creativity and sound financial control. Thanks to her engagement and mentoring of staff, profitability became part of Harrison Cowley's DNA at a pivotal time for the business.” Rebecca Gudgeon, partner Hudson Sandler



Financial Controller, CDC

Mar 02 – Jul 05

$30m turnover, VC-backed pharmaceutical tech, Europe, US & Asia


🌿 Financial, legal, and personnel due diligence. Sold to Liquent in 2003, Thomson Group in 2004.

🌿 Post-acquisition integration of financial teams, processes and systems.



Management Accountant, LAKE Communications, Dublin                                Dec 00 – Jan 02

Trainee Accountant,IBM, Dublin                                                                                       Sep 98 - Aug 00



Leading Transformational Change, Women in Leadership, 

Bath University, executive programme                                                                          2017


Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)                                 May 99 - Nov 00


CIMA completed in 2 years, all first-time passes. Placements, 1st in Ireland twice, 3rd world-wide.


Economics BA Hon Degree, UEA                                                                                      Oct 90 – Jun 93




Whatever the weather cycling, good for the soul running, hopeful plants survive gardening.

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